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3D printer makes fast response stiffness-tunable soft actuator

Researchers used 3D printing to create a Fast-Response, Stiffness-Tunable (FRST) soft actuator. ( Image: eurekalert.org) Robotic systems with rigid parts can be a threat to humans who work alongside them. Contrastingly, recently flourishing soft actuators and robots offer ideal adaptivity to surroundings. They also offer safe, coexisting interactions with nearby humans. However, they are not so good at lifting, carrying, […]

Gas pockets cause 3D printing defects, researchers can predict them

Argonne scientists inside a hutch at the APS (Advanced Photon Source) facility. ( Image: adapted from anl.gov) A team of researchers has identified tiny gas pockets that cause serious 3D-printing problems. They have also created a methodology to predict the formation of the gas pockets. Their research could improve the 3D printing process significantly. The researchers, from the U.S. Department […]

Wireless ambient energy captured by 3D-printed cube, KAUST research

KAUST researchers say that the cube’s symmetric geometry makes it a more effective harvester of energy. ( Image: discovery.kaust.edu.sa) Researchers at KAUST have 3D-printed a cube that harvests the ambient energy from mobile phones and modems. KAUST stands for King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. Researchers from KAUST, Saudi Arabia, worked with colleagues from Ho Chi Minh University of […]

3D printing of transparent glass on industrial scale achieved by scientists

MIT scientists developed a 3D printing method to produce transparent glass on an industrial scale. They created a new manufacturing platform for the digital fabrication of transparent glass. The G3DP2 platform turns molten glass into columns three meters tall. The researchers wrote about their work and achievements in the journal 3D Printing and Additive manufacturing (citation below). In the article, […]

Disney develops 3D printer that uses fabric

Disney’s research division, in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University and Cornell University, has developed a new 3D printer that is capable of creating objects out of layers of fabric. 3D printers create three-dimensional objects by depositing one layer at a time until the object is completed. The technique basically works by cutting a sheet of fabric with a laser, treating […]

3D printing microstructures that change shape at different temperatures

The microstructures that the 3D printer creates are still movable. It is possible to stimulate them after printing. ( Image: kit.edu. Credit: Marc Hippler) Researchers have found a way of 3D printing microstructures that change shape under the influence of light or temperature. We can already use laser-based 3D printing to produce anything on a micrometer scale. However, in biomedicine […]

McLaren will use 3D-printing technology to make parts for racing cars

McLaren plans on using 3D-printing technology to make parts trackside at the Bahrain Grand Prix this month. The Formula One team will use Stratasys’ portable printer to make components for their racings cars, accelerating delivery. Eric Boulier, the Racing Director for McLaren recently stated, “It has become clear that motorsport’s reliance on rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, and the ability […]