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3D Printing For Injection Moulding

3D printing is a relatively new process as compared to injection moulding. Both are quite different from each other. However, engineers have still managed to incorporate the technique of 3D printing into injection moulding to enjoy various benefits this hybrid can provide. Before getting into the details of 3D printing for injection moulding, the basics of injection moulding need to […]

List of Top 5 Fastest-Growing Jobs in 2021 in the US

Like camera and film manufacturers, some industries are experiencing a rapid decline if not a total shut down. At the same time, other sectors are coming up or experiencing an exponential rate of growth. For some of the industries, technology is to blame either for their development or their decline. However, some industries are blooming all on their own. The […]

3D printing can be used in these industries

A 3D printer is a fun toy for essentially everyone, but in some industries these machines can have a very important function. This is obviously because you can essentially create a lot of different products with 3D printing Los Angeles. There is so much possible with the help of a 3D printer. It is thus very logical that these tools […]

The Benefits of Rapid Prototyping

These days, obtaining a prototype of a proposed design is more convenient than ever before thanks to the modern technologies that are available across the US. Developments in online 3D printing mean you can send your design in an electronic format directly to a prototyping service company which can begin work immediately. You might not even be in the same […]

6 Benefits of 3D Printing Architecture Models

3D printing, like several other technologies of the past, was slow for the world to take notice of. But in due time, lots of people, companies, and industries not only took notice of this ingenious new innovation but have also incorporated it into their business as well. Architecture is one of several industries that is making‌ ‌waves‌ with 3D printing […]

GE Additive Education Program accepting applications from schools

The worldwide program has donated to 1,000 schools in 30 countries. ( Image: ge.com) GE Additive is now accepting applications from primary and secondary schools for its Additive Education Program. The applications are for the 2019/2020 cycle of the Program. Schools wishing to apply can do so at https://geaep.polar3d.com/ – deadline 1 April, 2019. ‘Significant financial contribution’ by GE Additive […]