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Wireless ambient energy captured by 3D-printed cube, KAUST research

KAUST researchers say that the cube’s symmetric geometry makes it a more effective harvester of energy. ( Image: discovery.kaust.edu.sa) Researchers at KAUST have 3D-printed a cube that harvests the ambient energy from mobile phones and modems. KAUST stands for King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. Researchers from KAUST, Saudi Arabia, worked with colleagues from Ho Chi Minh University of […]

25 best TV shows about nursing

Entertainment 25 best TV shows about nursing Written by: Nicole Johnson April 1, 2021 Rawpixel.com // Shutterstock 25 best TV shows about nursing Central to any successful health care facility is the contingency of nurses providing patient management along with immediate, supplemental, and ongoing care. These workers serve as the center of a hospital or medical office’s orbit, integral to […]

SoFi Invest: The Bare Bones for Beginners

The name “SoFi” may bring to mind sun-kissed college grads figuratively swimming in piles of debt. That’s because it was originally billed as a smart way to refinance student loans. Founded by business students from Stanford in 2011, SoFi (Social Finance, Inc.) has since expanded to offer mortgages and mortgage refinancing. They have also waded into the massed ranks of […]

The Motley Fool – Not So Foolish After All

The folks at The Motley Fool try not to take themselves too seriously. But their success in the world of investing is no laughing matter. Founded in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool is essentially an investment advice company. But the platform is actually much more: a community, a movement, an innovative mode of thinking and […]

M1 Finance – An Algorithm that Works for You

We are rightfully leery of automation. Individuals would rightfully “steer the ship”, and this includes how and where we invest our hard-earned cash. That’s why when one first hears the phrase “robo-advisor”, the wrong images undoubtably come to mind. Robo-advisors are not ripped from the pages of science-fiction. Robo-advisors are rather the latest in hands-off investing. M1 Finance is one […]

How To Choose A Pressure Washing Service For Your Business

If you’re running a business that requires customers to come to the physical establishment, such as restaurants, retail, clinics, or consultation services, you need to ensure that your area is in tip-top shape to keep your customers loyal to your business. If your office’s physical appearance isn’t well-maintained, people could assume that your business isn’t running smoothly nor successful enough […]

What is SEO and why do you need it?

SEO is a phrase that many business owners that have an online presence (and website owners in general – it’s also relevant for people who run blogs, for example) have probably seen many times in guides and tips aimed at them. The reason for it is simple – it’s fairly easy to set up a website, but getting a steady […]

Trends Transforming the Gambling and Casino Industry in 2021

Over the course of the last few years, the gambling and gaming industry has undergone various changes. These developments have persisted in the modern world, and they have grown to include technical advances. With the introduction of cryptocurrencies into casinos last year, several analysts expect that this year will be another exciting one, with new developments expected to redefine and […]

COVID-19 related scams con Americans out of $358 million in the last 12 months

One of the world’s leading two-factor-authentication firms has revealed that early access vaccine scams are the most prevalent scam to be wary of, after the FTC reported that COVID-19 related scams have conned the American people out of more than $358 million* in the past 12 months, on average $322 per victim. A world-leading two-factor-authentication platform has revealed that COVID-19 […]

5 Reasons To Enhance Your Email Security

In today’s bustling, digital, highly-connected world, you’re undoubtedly using some kind of internet-connected device. You also likely have at least one or more email addresses that you use often. Email is one of the most widely used communication systems—and a likely target for fraud—yet, it’s also one where many people seem to lose focus on reinforcing their online security. It […]