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Imagine underwater cities underground skyscrapers 3D printed food and transport drones

Imagine a world full of underwater cities, underground skyscrapers, 3D printed food and houses, personal drones instead of cars as an individual human’s mode of transport, and regular passenger commercial flights to the Moon and maybe even Mars. These quasi-science fiction type notions may become fact by the year 2116, i.e. in one hundred years’ time. SartThings, which belongs to […]

Amazon releases free 3D game engine called ‘Lumberyard’

Amazon Web Services is rolling out two new free products for PC and console game developers: a 3D game engine called ‘Lumberyard’ and a service for scaling up back-end infrastructure called ‘GameLift’. Amazon describes Lumberyard as a ‘free, cross-platform, 3D game engine for you to create the highest-quality games, connect your games to the vast compute and storage of the […]

Insects have 3D vision – test using tiny glasses found

Insects have 3D vision, scientists found after fitting some praying mantises with special tiny ‘insect-cinema’ glasses. The researchers, from Newcastle University, said mantises use 3D perception (stereopsis) for hunting. This is the first comprehensive study to compellingly show that invertebrates have 3D vision. Stereoscopy (binocular vision) is the ability to focus and align both eyes accurately on something, and then […]

3D map of Universe most comprehensive yet, spans nearly 2bn light years

The most comprehensive 3D map of the Universe has been created by astrophysicists from Canada and France, who say it spans almost two billion light years and provides the most complete picture of our cosmic neighbourhood to date. The scientists say their spherical map of galaxy superclusters will help provide a better understanding of how matter is distributed across the […]

Disney develops 3D printer that uses fabric

Disney’s research division, in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University and Cornell University, has developed a new 3D printer that is capable of creating objects out of layers of fabric. 3D printers create three-dimensional objects by depositing one layer at a time until the object is completed. The technique basically works by cutting a sheet of fabric with a laser, treating […]

Google Project Tango, 3D scanning camera, is a step closer to being unveiled

Google is a step closer to unveiling its highly anticipated 3D scanning camera. The company announced that Project Tango, its 3D scanning camera, has been moved from the experimental Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group lab and into its mainstream business. The fact that Google has moved Project Tango out of ATAP suggests that the tech giant is thinking about real-world […]