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3D Printing For Injection Moulding

3D printing is a relatively new process as compared to injection moulding. Both are quite different from each other. However, engineers have still managed to incorporate the technique of 3D printing into injection moulding to enjoy various benefits this hybrid can provide. Before getting into the details of 3D printing for injection moulding, the basics of injection moulding need to […]

3D bioprinter ROKIT INVIVO for treatment of dermal scarring

ROKIT Healthcare says that ROKIT INVIVO is the world’s first sterile, all-in-one 3D bioprinter. ROKIT INVIVO, a 3D bioprinter, treats dermal scarring in a novel way. ‘Dermal’ means relating to the skin. South Korean company, ROKIT Healthcare, created ROKIT INVIVO. The device 3D printed a patient’s autologous cells and tissues into a dermal patch graft. ‘Autologous’ means the patient’s own […]

Insects have 3D vision – test using tiny glasses found

Insects have 3D vision, scientists found after fitting some praying mantises with special tiny ‘insect-cinema’ glasses. The researchers, from Newcastle University, said mantises use 3D perception (stereopsis) for hunting. This is the first comprehensive study to compellingly show that invertebrates have 3D vision. Stereoscopy (binocular vision) is the ability to focus and align both eyes accurately on something, and then […]

Ford trial 3D-printing car parts

In order to explore the technology’s potential for producing future vehicles, Ford Motor Company have started 3D-printing car parts in a trial. The US-headquartered multinational car-maker is teaming up with Stratasys, a large US-based manufacturer of 3D printers and 3D production systems. Ford say 3D-printing car parts in plastic means they can make them much lighter in weight than their […]

The Benefits of Rapid Prototyping

These days, obtaining a prototype of a proposed design is more convenient than ever before thanks to the modern technologies that are available across the US. Developments in online 3D printing mean you can send your design in an electronic format directly to a prototyping service company which can begin work immediately. You might not even be in the same […]

Dental 3D printing is now big business

We can use dental model resins for restorative fitment, teaching, fabricating clear aligners, and patient consultations, to name but a few. ( Image: sprintray.com) Dental 3D printing, i.e., using 3D printers to make things for dentists, is a reality today. Dental 3D printing has entered dentistry in a big way, says SprintRay. SprintRay is a technology company, based in Los […]

Imagine underwater cities underground skyscrapers 3D printed food and transport drones

Imagine a world full of underwater cities, underground skyscrapers, 3D printed food and houses, personal drones instead of cars as an individual human’s mode of transport, and regular passenger commercial flights to the Moon and maybe even Mars. These quasi-science fiction type notions may become fact by the year 2116, i.e. in one hundred years’ time. SartThings, which belongs to […]

Bacteria help create water filter that kills other bacteria

Details about the study appeared on the cover of the journal ‘Environmental Science & Technology.’ ( Image: source.wustl.edu) Researchers used a traitor bacterium to help them build a graphene water filter that destroys other bacteria. They say that their new water filter can clean water twice as fast as current commercially available ultrafiltration membranes. The research team said that creating […]